Speaker Information

I really enjoy public speaking and spread some of the knowledge I acquired. As a public speaker I aim to raise awareness, motivate, and ultimately introduce you to something new.

Having to present to someone else is also making me learn differently than when only for myself. Some of my most successful talks and workshops have emerged as a result conference driven learning. That is, first apply for a talk/workshop with deadline and then do the learning for it.

I often see people in industry struggle with topics I've already gone through, then I really enjoy doing knowledge sharing talks. Another reason I like public speaking is that I want to inspire other people to learn new things, to have confidence they can learn new things and to speak about it. Thus, in my talks, I refrain about making assumptions about things being easy and obvious.

Therefore I won't participate in events that lack a Code of Conduct or do not have a diverse lineup. I frequently teach workshops (often of my own creation) at PyLadies Hamburg and often speak at home grown, community conferences. Curious in seeing some of my talks? Various slides from my talks can be found on my Speaker Deck. Additionally my talking history can be found here.

What topics or things am I interested in contributing to?

Mediums I've spoken in and/or ways I contribute as a speaker and writer:

As per the topics I'm interested in, well these vary, but some I'm currently interested in:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Data Science / Machine Learning (e.g. learning how to, clean code)
  • Project management and leadership mindsets
  • Python
  • Ethics in Data Science / Machine Learning (e.g. building ethical pratices, trends in ethics, what is the state of the world of ethics in this space)
  • Learning to code
  • Leveling up as a coder and/or technologist
  • Mentoring / coaching
  • Remote work
  • Work / Life balance
  • Self-care

Where am I speaking next and what's my availability.

I'm accepting virtual only speaking opportunities through the end of 2021. That said, let's try something creative! What are you thinking?

What you can expect from me.

I tote my own equipment - that is a MacBook Pro. I often employ a slide stack using Keynote/Pdf. If you require additional equipment, please communicate that in your request.

More questions or have a propose in mind? Please drop me a line, I'd love to chat!

Therefore, what can I expect from you.

Preparing a talk involves hours of preparation including research, writing, and countless hours of etc work. If you are from a for profit conference depending on the speaking opportunity you inquire about, it can impact the speaking honorarium/fee. Not sure what you can support? Reach out!