I am an artist, painter of dinosaurs, petter of Brutus the frenchie, used to Capoeira now more like yoga, a "learn by doing"-er .. so I usually read the manual late.

A bit of bio..

Computer scientist turned Data Scientist, Tereza Iofciu is a Head Data Science Coach at neue fische, Vice Chair of the Python Software Verband, part of the Diversity & Inclusion group of the Python Software Foundation, and PyLadies Hamburg co-organizer. Although Tereza pursued a PhD in Computer Science in Information Retrieval before Data Science was a thing, she has never considered herself a hardcore researcher nor coder. With her subsequent jobs in industry as data scientist and data engineer Tereza has discovered that her passions are solving data problems and mentoring. The next career steps were building a data science team and managing and mentoring lots of people. Alas, she decided to leave the chain of command and go on a new adventure, coaching data science at the neue fische bootcamp, where she gets to coach people highly motivated to become data scientist.

Want to connect?

I am open to discussion on topics such as:

  • Mentoring and Leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion in technology
  • Education
  • Responsible technology and ethical data science

If that is of interest, you can find my Calendly availability below. Please note, if you are seeking consultation on specific work please use the proper Consultation - 30 minute appointment.

Still need more info?

I've been profiled in a few pieces which you can find here.